DOGS, cats and other animals havedied over the past three years because of the actions of one 76-year-old in Alcoi, Alicante.

Guardia Civil arrested him after investigations by the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) revealed he had systematically left poisoned bait around his neighbourhood.

Suspicions were first raised in 2017 when a dog was poisoned whilst out walking with it’s owner.

Similar episodes have occurred since, with cats, foxes and even a wild boar being killed.

Police located and identified the alleged perpetrator in July after finding two cans of dangerous pesticide in his garage.

Possession of it is prohibited as it is considered dangerous and toxic to humans and for the environment.

The man is accused of ‘the alleged commission of a continuing crime related to the protection of flora, fauna and domestic animals’, which carries a potential prison sentence of between four months and two years.

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