POLICE have scored a major success in their fight against robbers after arresting a gang who allegedly snatched over €35,000  worth of goods from properties across Marbella. 

The operation was the culmination of a three month long investigation, which saw detectives link a spate of robberies across the Golden Mile and San Pedro Alcántar. 

Cops leading the probe revealed two men and women, aged between 18 and 38,  have been arrested and charged with 21 alleged crimes against property, 

Police said the woman would act as the getaway driver while the two men would raid properties, wearing face masks and hoods to avoid being identified.

20201008 Efectos Intervenidos
Over €35,000 worth of goods from properties was snatched from across Marbella, including bikes and clothes

The gang would strike at night, often choosing properties close to the A7 for a quick escape, and wait until businesses had closed before ransacking stores for goods. 

Officers said the trio targeted at least 18 businesses and three homes, stealing items such as bikes, clothing and television. 

The highly efficient criminal group were able to pillage properties in less that one minute, said police. 

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