THE Catalan tradition of having nativity scene figures defecating won’t change because of COVID-19 this year.

Indeed, some new figures released for the coming festive season feature protective masks.

Characters made by include the two candidates for the US elections, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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USE THE FORCE: Luke Skywalker as a caganer

Marc Alos, a sculpture at the Girona-based company said:  “We always try to be up to date with the news to choose which new caganers we are going to create.”

They have been making figures in Torroella de Montgrí for 28 years, and have made over 500 separate figures from the world of politics, sport and fiction.

In the tradition of Catalan cribs, the caganer is seen as an endearing, inescapable and respected figure.

By the 18th century, there was no manger without a caganer as they were considered to bring good luck, health, tranquillity and also fertilised the manger land for the following year.

The company, belonging to the Alos-Pla family, remains faithful to this tradition, and since 1992 has made various popular caganers by hand. 

Each season has created new figures that honour famous people, real and fictional. 

The clay representations are not intended to be a mockery, but rather a tribute. 

The collection can be seen on its website

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