BEST-selling author Chris Stewart, 69 has revealed to the Olive Press in an exclusive interview that he will be giving up his British passport because of Brexit.

I’m about to become Spanish because I’m so incensed by the absurd nonsense of Brexit,” said the Driving Over Lemons author.

“I love England because I was born there, I think of the cosy little green hills of Sussex and Surrey and my heart skips a beat,” he said.

“I shall be like that forever, but I want to be European.”

Since 2016, more than 350,000 Britons have applied for non-UK passports.

In Spain, dual nationality for British nationals is not possible. So, residents must make the difficult choice of whether they wish to be considered Spanish or British post-Brexit.

Many Brits settled in Spain are now rushing to secure residencia before the transition period ends on December 31.

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