A BRITISH tourist has been sedated after a violent outburst upon being asked to wear a mask.

The 22-year-old was drinking with two others on Malaga’s La Malagueta beach promenade on October 9 when police officers approached.

They told the group it was forbidden to drink in public and that they had to wear masks outdoors at all times.

While two of the men complied, the third refused and began hurling insults at the police in English.

Playa De La Malagueta
LA MALAGUETA: The shocking incident occurred near the popular Malaga tourist beach

The Policia Local agents, one of whom gave the orders in English, asked him for his ID, but he refused.

As he became increasingly aggressive, his sister arrived with his passport, but this seemed to only make him more violent.

According to police, the Brit then spat at one of the officers and tried to launch at them as his sister held him back by his waist.

The officers called for backup and arrested the Brit and managed to get him into the back of a patrol car as he fought them all the way.

But while inside the vehicle he began smashing his head against the interior and kicking the doors.

Officers decided to take him to hospital to see a doctor, but even there he did not stop kicking and punching, forcing medical staff to tie his feet and hands to a stretcher and sedate him.

His girlfriend, who was also on the trip, said he had not taken any drugs and that he had no mental health issues.

According to her, they had arrived from London that very morning and were planning to leave that night.

Those alleged travel plans were to be cancelled as the Brit was admitted that night and is now facing charges of ‘serious disobedience, attack and resistance to authority.’

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