A LARGE crowd forced the hand of the RGP on Friday night in Chatham Counterguard when they refused to go home at 1am.

Two people were arrested after tempers flared over being filmed by a TV crew doing a documentary called ‘Cops on the Rock’.

“Our job has been made more difficult because of the additional legal regulations brought about by the pandemic,” said Commissioner Richard Ullger.

“We are finding that, no matter how much we try and engage with people, many of them are not willing to listen, especially when they are fuelled with alcohol.”

Videos circulated on social media showed how members of the public confronted the RGP as officers told people to ‘go home’.

There were scuffles with the crowd as the police tried to control the assembled revellers at the popular partying area.

Under current public health rules drinking alcohol in a public place after 11pm is illegal.

According to reports, people pre-bought drinks before closing time at 12.30am and went outside to drink them.

More restrictions

“Wherever possible, we will explain the Government’s Covid regulations and encourage people to comply with them,” revealed Ullger.

“Enforcement of the regulations is a last resort but one the RGP will resort to when necessary.

“We want people to enjoy themselves and to have fun, but they must behave responsibly, familiarise themselves with the regulations and police themselves.”

The incident comes as the number of active COVID-19 cases doubled in the last week to 112 on the Rock, the highest figure ever recorded.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said this increase will push him to impose even more restrictions tomorrow to halt the surge.

Speculation is rife that another lockdown could be on the way, that bars might need to close earlier or that masks could be enforced at all times.

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