THE Junta de Andalucia is considering applying stricter lifestyle restrictions in Sevilla and Jaen, it revealed today.

Deputy health minister Catalina Garcia said experts are studying cities and large towns around Sevilla capital, but not the capital itself, which has not been as hard hit by the coronavirus resurgence.

Jaen capital, meanwhile, is being studied due to a concerning rise in cases.

“The situation in Sevilla is being analysed very closely,” Garcia said at an event in Cordoba today, “not in the capital, but the surrounding large cities, and we are also studying Jaen capital.”

Evidence and data will be sent to the territorial alert committee which meets every week to analyse the different regions’ battles against the disease.

“It is in these committees where the decisions are made,” said Garcia.

“But the Junta will take measures in a proportional way… they will be similar to those taken in Granada, at least initially.”

She added that stricter measures would be taken if the situations did not improve.

Garcia went on to criticise the youth of Granada who she claimed continued to have illegal parties this past weekend.

“Young people continue to have private parties which really affect all of us,” she said.

She also warned that some coronavirus sufferers have been asymptomatic before having symptoms flare up one month later.

“There have been people who lived the COVID experience without any symptoms, but a month later they began to have serious symptoms in their respiratory system, cardiac system and circulatory system,” she said.

“We must all be very responsible, because we can have rebounds of the virus that accompany us throughout our lives, regardless of age….we did not know that before, but now we do.

“We must take care of ourselves, but also of those around us.”

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