BARS and restaurants are responsible for less than 3% of coronavirus outbreaks, a new report has found.

A study released by the Ministry of Health today which analysed data from the end of lockdown to October 15, said family reunions accounted for almost 40% of outbreaks.

Friend and family meet-ups, which usually occur indoors and without masks, have long been known to be a major source behind the virus’ resurgence.

Of the 8,488 outbreaks studied, a total of 3,339 came from family and friends meeting up, almost 40%.

The document also warns of the high number of outbreaks with mixed origins, where transmission shifts, for example, from the family environment to other areas such as work, or vice versa.

This type of transmission constitutes 15.3% of the outbreaks over the studied period.

The study did not take into account community transmission, which is when infections cannot be traced to their origin.

Meanwhile, nursing and care homes accounted for 8% of outbreaks.

And while the ‘social sphere’ i.e. friends and families meeting outside of their homes, accounts for almost a third of infections, restaurants and bars, overall, account for less than 3% of new outbreaks.

There have been just 102 outbreaks among customers in the hospitality sector and 130 among employees in the whole of Spain from the end of lockdown until October 15.

The latter figure is added to the workplace statistics, which shows infections at work being behind 13.3% of outbreaks.

The most affected workers have been seasonal fruit and veg pickers and those working in business and construction.

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