SPANISH police and customs officers have uncovered 1.2 tonnes of cocaine on a ship bound for the Balearic Islands, just a fortnight after their Brazilian counterparts discovered 1.5 tonnes of cocaine on the same vessel.

The Spanish police intercepted Unispirit, when it was some 50 nautical miles off the coast of Gran Canaria, then conducted a laborious five-day search in port.

This turned up numerous sacks of cocaine stashed among the cargo of corn – 1,210kg of narcotics in total.

BUSTED: Guardia Civil finds cocaine amongst the corn

Spanish authorities said in a statement that they were tipped off by the Brazilian federal police, who warned them that Unispirit had left port ‘in strange circumstances before [their] search had been completed,’ arousing suspicions.

A second inspection then found another 12 sacks of cocaine, though the Spanish police have not yet reported any arrests.

The news comes shortly after Spanish police seized over 5,000 marijuana plants on the Costa del Sol in another dramatic drugs’ bust.

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