RESTAURANTS and pubs along Gibraltar’s Main Street now face closure due to tightened COVID-19 restrictions.

It comes after desperate clubs and bars in Costa Blanca have pled for looser restrictions in Spain to stop bankruptcies.

“We’re closing for good in December,” said Sylvia from Piazza Cafe on Main Street. “If it hadn’t been for the new restrictions I don’t think that ever would have happened,” she said.

And the tale is similar further along the high street in The Horseshoe pub. “We’re under serious threat of closing,” said waitress Michelle. “There used to be 10 staff here and we’ve already had to lose four.”

While things have also been tough for The Angry Friar pub they’ve been grateful for their regulars: “We’ve been really lucky with the support of the local people,” said a member of staff.

“But I have noticed the people from cruise liners not coming in has made a difference,” they told the Olive Press.

Bars and pubs on The Rock that do not serve food have been ordered to close by 10pm.

For those that do have a kitchen, last orders must be called by 11pm, the Government of Gibraltar have said.

However, despite the economic downturn due to tighter restrictions, those in the hospitality industry on The Rock still support the safeguarding measures: “In Spain, a curfew is a curfew,” said Michelle. “It’s not strict enough here yet.”

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