RGP investigations have led to the arrest of a man for having hashish and the seizure of petrol possibly used for smuggling.

Julian Ellul, 26, was arrested in the area of Main Street on November 5 for having 125g of cannabis resin.

The detention by the Drug Squad at 1.10pm was made as it was working with the Project Servator team.

Ellul was travelling as a passenger in a car when it was stopped as part of Project Servator.

He was arrested and charged for possession of the hashish and appeared before the Magistrates this morning.

The street value of the hash in Gibraltar is about £625.

In a separate operation, RGP officers got a tip-off about fuel being stored in Little Bay.

When they arrived at the seaside location at 3pm the same day, they found 22 litres of marine petrol in ‘an insecure store-room’.

Stored in 52 fuel containers, it had a value of around £1100.

“The fuel is suspected to have been stored there temporarily prior to being used to refuel vessels engaged in illicit activity,” said the RGP.

“An investigation is ongoing.”

Hash smugglers regularly store large amounts of fuel to make the journey to and from hash-producing Morocco.

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