HOTELS have called for action from the mainland Spanish government as they struggle to house desperate people who have arrived to the island’s from Africa.

Hoteliers have said they are unable to house any more refugees or migrants who are still queuing along the pier in Arguineguin harbour, Gran Canaria.

Over 15,400 people have risked their lives to cross the Atlantic from Africa to the Canaries this year.

This figure is 10 times larger than the number of people who attempted to cross from Morocco’s west coast in 2019.

it is clear the latest wave of arrivals have overwhelmed authorities.

President of the Canaries, Ángel Víctor Torres, has said it is simply a case of too many people and not enough resources.

It comes after the Human Rights Watched slammed the migrant camps in Arguineguin, labelling them ‘unsanitary’.

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