SUPERMARKET chain Lidl has gone viral for selling a robot for €30 as part of their ‘Black Week’ discount deals.

The chain first drew attention for the ‘kitchen-robot’ they announced last month and have now released a mini version, which is intended for children.

For today (November 28) only, the small robot will be available in stores at the surprisingly small price of just €30.

Meanwhile, the full-size kitchen aid ‘Monsieur Cuisine Connect’ costs more than ten times as much at €359.  

But ‘Monsieur Cuisine Connect’ has been the focus of some controversy as the company that created Thermomix, the Vorwerk group, claim Lidl ripped off their signature product.

Despite the ongoing lawsuit, Lidl has released the latest mini version, which features a colour screen, buttons with easily understood symbols and a built-in cookbook with five recipes.

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