MIKI Nunez has shared how his fitness schedule saved him from going ‘crazy’ during lockdown.

The Eurovision star, who represented Spain in the 2019 competition,  revealed that he turned to exercise to  keep his mental state ‘super positive’ in the midst of the pandemic. 

‘I was lucky that my father had a super old elliptical bike stored, and every afternoon he would put me 45 minutes to give it a shot, with a hell of a noise,’ said the star. ‘And that’s how I coped with it and that saved me from going crazy.’

And when he wasn’t using is dad’s old bike, Miki turned to Youtube fitness videos to spur him on.

“During the pandemic, training at home, one day I would put Sergio Peinado, another day Patry Jordan, and I did my HIIT, their routines and everything they proposed.” 

Training at home alone every day was a complete change of pace for the 24-year-old singer who is used to a busy life of back-to-back shows and sports matches with friends.

The Spanish artist, born in Barcelona, has played tennis, football, taekwondo and padel since he was young. 

But when he shot to fame in 2019 after performing the song ‘La Venda’ at the Eurovision Song Contest 

Speaking to Men’s Health, he revealed how he switched up his training in the lead up to the show to make sure he was fighting fit for the international stage. 

Miki said: “I got hooked on CrossFit during my Eurovision period. I had to prepare a lot for my performance, and CrossFit proved valuable. During those Eurovision days, between doing CrossFit and eating like a boar, I grew like a beast, really big to be honest.” 

While he was able to dominate in the gym at this time, Miki admits that his diet only really improved after the competition when he was able to dedicate more time and thought to what he was putting in his body. 

 “I always structure my meals very well, and at Eurovision I couldn’t, that’s why I was a little ‘fatter’ to be honest. I was strong yes, it was not an uncontrolled volume, but with more kilos than now when doing CrossFit in the morning and eating a lot” 

These days he will start his morning with “a little carbohydrates, proteins and fat” and enjoy a large salad for lunch. He’ll snack on yogurt in the afternoon before tucking Into grilled vegetables with fish at dinner time. 

“My brain is better, I feel healthier and lighter, and at that time I did go to the gym every day, seven days a week, but then I realized that massaging myself at the gym just to look good was not the most I liked it, now I prefer to feel good rather than look good. 

He added: “And that’s why I changed the weight room to go running, do some HIIT, CrossFit and, above all, paddle tennis, which is my favorite sport. In fact, there is a fever for paddle tennis; I’ve been playing for many years, but many, even when hardly anyone played.” 

All of this means he is more than ready to return to the stage to perform his new album Iceberg when the time is right. 

He said: “We are planning everything as if there were no pandemic, being super optimistic, as if everything were going to be normal; and then we have a plan Z, like the dynamic this summer, with all the precautions clear, and then see what happens. At the minimum I have to make up the 55 shows that have been suspended.” 

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