LAST year was yet another success for Valencia city’s Bioparc animal refuge.

Always keen to escape the ‘zoo’ tag due to its negative connotations, the zoologists and minders at the Bioparc place the emphasis on the welfare of ‘residents’ and the park’s conservation efforts.

With the doors closed to visitors for much of 2020, all the work has focussed entirely on caring for the animals and improving their conditions.

Giraffes at Valencia's Bioparc
Giraffes at Valencia’s Bioparc

Among the most notable developments last year was the happy story of Djibril, an orphaned chimpanzee that was adopted by the resident family of its own species.

Many births have also graced the installations, including a Bongo antelope – described as ‘a jewel’ by minders – several Mhorr gazelles, a baby hippopotamus named Gori, zebras, and smaller mammals such as mongooses.

Spokespeople for the Bioparc have also expressed their gratitude for the public support they have received throughout such a complicated year.

Virtual events including a fashion show featuring abandoned dogs housed by the AUPA animal shelter have received an enthusiastic following, proving that not even a worldwide pandemic can get in the way of our love for animals.

Last year also saw the unveiling of a portrait dedicated to famous English primatologist Jane Goodall, painted by young Spanish artist Lidia Cao and which now presides over the Bioparc as a timely reminder to nurture and care for all the species on the planet.  

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