EVEN those of us living in the Costa del Sol aren’t exactly used feeling scorching temperatures in January.

So news of a ‘mini heatwave’ has us all in a tizz.

And as lockdown restrictions tighten across Andalucia today, we’ve never felt more grateful for a bit of sunshine.

We may not be able to head out to our favourite shops and bars right now, but thankfully we can enjoy some fresh air and appreciate the fact that we have plenty sunny to come. 

Beach Estepona Costa Del Sol

Today is set to put an extra Spring in our step, as the heat soars to along the coast. 

In fact, across the Malaga province we´re looking at possible record breaking heat. Temperatures are set to reach a positively tropical 25C, close to beating the previous high of 26.8C back in 1981.

The rest of the week should be a cracker too, with folk across the Costa del Sol gearing up to enjoy glorious weather that´s an average of around 8C higher than normal. 

José María Sánchez-Laulhé, director of the Aemet Meteorological Centre in Malaga said: “The temperatures will be very high for this time of year, above 23 on Wednesday and up to 25 on Friday.¨

So, will it last? Has Spring finally arrived? Well, no – in a word.

costa del sol e

Forecasters say we’re likely to feel the warm weather, which will bring with it unusually high temperatures in the lower layers of the atmosphere, until Saturday when Storm Justine will make an appearance. 

Temperatures will continue to gradually dip to around 15C over the weekend and inland spots will feel most of the chill. Sadly rain might also be on the cards. 

Still , let´s remain positive and enjoy the fact that temperatures are much higher than we´ve come to expect at this time of year – but pack the brolly this weekend just in case. 

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