BRITS have been banned from entering Spain for a further period of time amid concerns over the mutant strain of coronavirus. 

People from South Africa and Brazil have also been blocked from entering  the country as Spain’s Health Minister Carolina Darias announced an extension of the country’s travel ban on visitors from high risk countries. 

No one will be allowed to enter the country from South Africa, Brazl or the United Kingdom via air or sea until 6pm on March 2 under the new restrictions.

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But there are exceptions to Spanish nationals and those who are a legal resident in Spain.

The ban was first introduced in December when scientists first detected a more-transmissible variant of the virus in the UK.

Tight restrictions were originally supposed to end on January 19 but the ban has now been extended multiple times, with restrictions currently in place until March 2. 

This ban comes after Spain confirmed its first case of the Brazilian variant on Friday, with two cases of the South African variant and 479 cases of the British variant of the virus.

Anyone flying into Spain must also proof of a negative Covid test, which should be taken up to 72 hours before departure.

All non-essential travel in and out of England, Wales and Scotland has been banned as part of the current lockdown. 

Brits can only travel abroad for essential reasons, such as providing care or attending a funeral.

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