IT’S been a long time since we got the chance to go to the cinema, grab the popcorn and settle into plush seats and hushed silence and enjoy a film from start to finish – far from the buzz of the iPhone or the disruption of kids climbing the walls after hours of homeschooling. 

And under normal circumstances, if you wanted to see the premier of a film at an international festival, you’d be lucky to get a ticket. 

But a pleasant consequence of life in the time of coronavirus – and the advancement of at home entertainment – is that all the world is now a stage.

Elsewhere, Everywhere by Isabelle Ingold and Vivianne Perelmuter

The year, the fifth Ibizacinefest,  is coming to you. The island’s annual international festival celebrating independent film, will be lifting it’s (virtual) curtain this Friday (February 26) and allowing film fanatics from all across the globe to login to the event. 

The programme, carefully curated by Filmin, will be available to enjoy online until March 9 and include premiers of hotly anticipated European films. 

The Balearic festival celebrates homegrown talent and will showcase work from Spanish directors including Alexis Delgado Búrdalo’s new movie This Film Is About Me, shot in a women’s prison, and El Drogas  a portrait of musician Enrique Villareal, directed by Natxo Leuza. 

San Sebastian’s Maider Fernández Iriarte will debut her feature film during the fest. Jordi’s Letter examines the vital importance of communication between human beings while  I Am the Sun by Ilaria Gambarelli, tackles the divide between personal and professional relationships. 

Find out more here.

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