A WHITE arm stretches across the bar,  a claw-like hand clamped around the rim of a pint glass

Slowly it lowers the glass below the beer tap, waiting as it fills and adjusting the cup, making sure the head of the beer levels out just right. 

The secret behind the perfect pour and great service? A robotic duo in Seville. One works behind the bar, while another – a robot dog named Spot – whizzes around Cuesta del Rosario in Seville, delivering pints and copas to tables. 

And the pair are certainly earning their tips – and fans. 

The devices were invented by Boston Dynamics and Spain-based Macco Robotics before Covid-19, but the pandemic could signal that its time has come for the robots to take over. 

“I think that in times of pandemic it is very good that there is a robot serving drinks so there is no contact between people. It’s very cool!” said one customer Abel Ros. 

Another stunned fan took to Twitter to write: “We need an explanation! 2020, relax now!”

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