A DOZEN municipalities in Malaga could see the restrictions on perimeter confinement lifted this weekend.

The number of new coronavirus cases in Malaga province continues to fall leading to a partial relaxation of restrictive measures put in place by the Junta.


According to data from the IECA Portal of the Andalucian Institute of Statistics and Cartography, the incidence rate of several municipalities in Malaga, has dropped below the 500 threshold.

Among them, Marbella, which has seen its incidence rate drop to 455.9 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants meaning that its perimeter confinement could be lifted this weekend.

Other Malaga localities which join Marbella in achieving an incidence rate below 500 are: Estepona (363.1) and Ronda (444.7), AlgatocIn (122.9), Cortes de la Frontera (456.8), Manilva (431.9), Ojen (209.6) and Villanueva del Trabuco (376.8).

The Territorial Committee for High Impact Public Health Alerts will meet online today, Thursday, to analyse the epidemiological situation of each municipality and update the current restrictions accordingly, depending on the evolution of infections and the cumulative incidence.

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