WELL known dairy food manufacturer Danone has announced that it is to invest €12 million into its Barcelona facility to expand it’s plant based range.

The Spanish food giant plans to increase its Parets del Vallès factory near Barcelona in an effort to increase its vegan range of dairy free products.

The new facility will create new products under Danone’s brands Oikos, Alpro and Activa and hopes to add to its already wide range of vegan products currently on the shelves.

It will focus on oat and coconut based alternatives to common dairy products such as coffee, yoghurt and milk.

According to the press release from Danone, the Parets del Vallès plant will see 12 new employees added to its inventory of 181 personnel as part of its restructure.

The move coincides with the brands commitment to increasing its vegan presence after buying a total stake in the US ‘Follow Your Heart’ brand.

The Follow Your Heart brand is famous for introducing its egg free mayonnaise into the market, Vegenaise, with the take over a possible sign we will see the diary alternative enter the Spanish market later in 2021.

Danone’s objective is to reach a global plant based sales total of €5 billion by 2025, with its Barcelona plant a key force in boosting Spanish sales.

The Parets del Vallès plant has been based north of Barcelona since 1982 and Danone’s first production plant in Europe.

Currently, Danone also has plants in Madrid, Asturias and Valencia.

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