A Xativa dog owner who didn’t clean up their pet’s poop on a 70 kilometre trip was left to count the cost as the animal’s DNA was on a database.

Alboraya outside Valencia City is one of 24 places in Spain where all dogs have to be registered on a municipal DNA list.

It means that selfish owners can be identified and fined if they don’t clear up any droppings.

Last January, a Xativa resident drove over an hour to Alboraya where its dog did its business on a public street.

Unfortunately for the owner, Xativa was ahead of the game in being the first town in the Valencian Community to launch a dog DNA registry to stop streets being fouled.

Authorities in Alboraya took the stool sample and the database produced a match from their colleagues in Xativa, with contact details for the owner.

The Alboraya Policia Local posted a penalty notice to the Xativa address and noted that the person broke local perimeter closure rules that were in force at the time.

However, dog mess DNA matching does not allow for sanctioning anybody who might have infringed COVID-19 confinement measures.

Many municipalities in the Valencian Community have actively looked into launching dog DNA databases, but have not taken the matter forward.

Xativa-based ADN Canino is the company that runs the service for Alboraya and its home town.

CEO Enrique Periguell said; “Areas that have introduced the scheme have seen an 80% fall in dog poop on local roads as it is very easy to identify irresponsible owners.”

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