Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Angry father starts revenge fire that severely burns young boy in Spain’s Valencia City

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy suffered 50 per cent burns after an angry father set fire to a Valencia City house.

Man is sued for being gay nine years after separation in Spain’s Valencia City

A MAN who split from his wife in 2011 is now being sued by her for being gay when they got married.

Woman who fell on pavement due to mulberry tree berries loses payout bid in Spain’s Valencia City

A WOMAN has lost her bid to get €20,000 in compensation after she slipped on a pavement covered with fallen berries.

Husband in Spain’s Valencia defends vicious drunken attack on wife by saying women ‘must learn respect’.

A MAN was arrested for domestic violence in Valencia after attacking his wife and partially shoving her out of a window.

Enraged patient assaults two female hospital doctors in Spain’s Valencia City

A MALE PATIENT at Valencia's Hospital Clinico threw a chair and attacked two female doctors on Sunday(August 30), with one of them...

‘Several days’ of home alone for abandoned six-year-old boy in Spain’s Valencia City

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy was left home alone for several days by his parents in a Valencian Community town, according to the Policia...

Decomposing woman’s body found in a car boot in Spain’s Valencia City

THE BODY of a 33-year-old woman was discovered in the boot of her car in Valencia City, a week after she was...

Man gets stabbed in the testicles in sex row in Spain’s Valencia region

AN argument over having sex took a violent turn as a 21-year-old woman stabbed her boyfriend in the testicles in the Valencian...

Woman forced into prostitution by husband and his parents in Spain’s Valencian Community

A WOMAN was forced into prostitution by her husband and in-laws and was threatened with having her daughter taken away from her...

Worst weekend for new COVID-19 infections in Spain’s Valencian Community since lockdown ended in June

SPAIN'S Valencian Community has registered its biggest rise in COVID-19 cases over a weekend since the State of Alarm ended on June...