A HEADTEACHER has revealed the joy after school restarted in Gibraltar last week while active COVID-19 cases remained low.

There are 18 active coronavirus cases today, with over 25,000 people having now been given the Pfizer vaccine.

A selection of people who cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons were provided with the AstraZeneca jab instead.

With most children returning to classrooms on February 22, education bosses have pointed out how well everyone has taken to it.

“The transition from home-learning to learning in the classroom has gone really smoothly,” said the Head Teacher of St Bernard’s Upper Primary School

“This is a true reflection of the good work the teachers have done over lockdown – the quality of activities, the interaction with pupils, the communication with parents and family members.”

The Department of Education has thanked everyone for their cooperation and is looking forward to calmer times.

“It was really wonderful to see the children back at school after such a long period away,” continued the headteacher.

“Although there had been an element of apprehension, I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly both staff and pupils soon settled into their daily routine”.

Since school restarted there has only been one positive COVID-19 case at Bayside School.

It led to 27 pupils going into self-isolation as ongoing testing continues.

Jab success

The vaccination campaign has now started jabbing people in their twenties and thirties, before progressing to the children.

179 2 2021
JABS: Over 40,000 vaccines have now been delivered between first and second doses

There are only two people in hospital at the moment, both fighting for their lives in the Critical Care Unit.

With most Gibraltarians now vaccinated, the government is working on new app that will give residents a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

It will contain records of tests and vaccines that can be used for travel to the UK and the EU.

“We are working towards the interoperability of our service with others to ensure we are able to work internationally with our own,” added Minister for Health Samantha Sacramento.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in Gibraltar is now 93 with the Platinum Committee having been disbanded last week.

Bars, cafes and restaurants opened on March 1 with the curfew pushed now being at midnight everyday until March 14.

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