AFTER several days of spring-like temperatures in Malaga and much of Andalucia, the warm weather is set to subside as temperatures drop by up to 10º C across the province.

The terral (hot and dry wind from the hinterland) which swept across Malaga last week, raised the thermometers in the province to over 26º C, but the weather in Malaga will take a radical turn this coming weekend with some areas set to record sub-zero temperatures.

Rain is expected from Friday onwards and snow is predicted at very low altitudes.

The thermal drop will be most noticeable in areas of the Serrania de Ronda next Sunday, when minimum temperatures of -1ºC is forecast, while maximum temperatures will hover at 6 ° C.

According to Spanish weather agency AEMET, snowfall at altitudes below 500 or 600 metres is expected ‘in large parts of the country.’

The weekend of wintry weather in Malaga, with a sharp drop in temperatures is due to the arrival of a widespread cold air mass spreading into the Mediterranean from central Europe.

Stability and sunshine will remain until Thursday or Friday of this week, and from then on temperatures will drop sharply, to between 5º C and 10º C below normal for this time of year.

On Saturday March 20, coinciding with the start of spring, the province will not exceed a maximum of 14º C (expected in Velez-Málaga and Marbella). The capital will be between 8º C and 13º C that day.

The coldest day will be Sunday where coastal areas will see temperatures drop from 21ºC to 12-13º C, while inland areas will end the week with a maximum of 6ºC, compared to 18º C on Monday.

Rainfall is expected from Thursday afternoon, becoming more widespread from Friday, with a probability ranging between 45 and 55%.

Heavy rainfall is not expected, but the instability and overcast skies will last throughout the weekend.

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