By Henry Baum

“I’m an American novelist living in Valencia, Spain. When I moved from Los Angeles in 2014, I brought my book promotion company with me. Self-Publishing Review is one of the original sites for ‘indie’ authors, that is, those who write, edit, and publish their books themselves online.

Since I founded the company in 2008, we’ve helped an estimated twenty thousand English-speaking writers from around the world achieve publication. SPR is a family business. My wife, a British ex-pat and qualified book editor, organises the US and UK-based teams that work for us. We are now one of the most trusted authorities in this industry and a go-to source for authors of all genres.

Henry Baum Spr Founder
Henry Baum

The self-publishing industry is booming, because it’s free to publish a book on Amazon’s KDP eBook system. And, of course, expats in Spain have long used Amazon to buy English language books, because it can be difficult to get a good selection in shops.

Since lockdown is upon us, and pubs and clubs are out, many have turned to writing that book they always wanted to pen, as well as re-discovering the joys of reading. With all the time spent at home, people are buying more books.

At Self-Publishing Review, we specialise in helping English-speaking authors achieve their dream: Publish and sell your book, and become a Best Selling author. We offer editing, reviews, and our popular promotion service that can get you to #1 on Amazon, with an estimated quarter of a million global views.

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We give free advice to authors looking for a start, and you’ll find lots of information about writing and publishing on our website at You are also welcome to ask us anything by email:

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