A MAN has gained the dubious distinction of setting a new speed record on Spain’s public roads.

Instead of a trophy he could end up with an unwanted prize – a jail term – after he was clocked at 256kph on a motorway – more than double the 120kph limit.

To make it worse, a drugs test found that he was driving under the influence of cocaine.

Bmw Speeding
Police released this image of the BMW

Police released a photo of the car which was speeding along the AP-7 in Tarragona last week. It can be identified as a BMW M2 CS, which is designed more for the racetrack than the public highway. It has a six-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine, blasting out 450 horsepower, with a price tag starting at €103,900.  It can accelerate from 0 to 100kph in 4.2 seconds and has an advertised top speed of 280kph.

The 48-year-old driver is a resident of Olerdola (Barcelona) and now could find himself in serious trouble.

While his possible fines for speeding (€600) and drug-driving (between €500 and €1,000) may not seem too bad for the owner of a car worth more than €100,000, there is the possibility of a jail sentence too.

For the speeding he faces up to six months, with the same for drug-driving. But if he is charged with reckless driving instead he could end up with a two-year sentence.


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