TRAVEL between the Balearic Islands may be prohibited for Spanish nationals and Balearic residents from next Friday.

In a bid to prevent a fourth wave of coronavirus after the region recorded an increase in cases over the last week, the Balearic government has said they are considering a ban on inter-island travel unless for a justified cause.

If approved, this would only permit travel between Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca for education, health or work reasons and in these cases, an official document would need to be completed and handed to Guardia Civil at the airport.

This rule would also not be applicable to international travellers.

This measure is expected to impact thousands of Balearic residents who typically make trips between the islands at Easter.

It is also expected that the Balearic government will close the interior areas of bars and restaurants in Mallorca in a matter of days and just two weeks after they reopened.

Meanwhile, thousands of German tourists have jetted into the region despite its own government advising against all non-essential travel.

Although the Balearic government say they were ‘not in favour of international tourism’, the arrival of Germans has caused an uproar with opposition parties questioning the move.

In the plenary session today, president Francina Armengol was heavily criticised by the leader of the PP Party, Biel Company.

Company accused Armengol of ‘inviting the Germans’ and thus putting citizens and the summer season at risk.

The president in turn assured Company that the government was ‘at all times focusing their efforts on saving lives and preventing infections’.

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