POWER lines are an eyesore and there are already enough of them tainting the verdant sierras of Andalucia – so why do we need more, especially when there is a better alternative?

This is the question I was asking myself as I stood atop the historic Montemayor castillo, gazing into the picturesque valley below. And it’s the question I’m still asking myself now because nothing about the plans of Red Electrica Española (REE) to erect seven electricity pylons in the countryside around Benahavis makes any sense to me.

Dsc 0992
IMPRESSIVE: The Montemayor castillo. Copyright: The Olive Press

The council claims that the decision not to bury the cables, which was admittedly not made by them but the previous Junta, was made on ecological grounds, though this seems like little more than an attempt to please its superiors as local environmental groups are firmly against the aerial route.

But perhaps even more outrageous than the slated destruction of nearly 32,700m2 of forest is the fact that the cables will mar the view of Montemayor castle, one of the crowning glories of the local countryside and a designated Cultural Interest Asset.

Dsc 0964 1
SUBLIME: View of Montemayor estate from the castle. Copyright: The Olive Press

Like so many large firms, REE evidently cares more about saving a few squid than preserving the environment and national heritage, even though it boasts about its green projects on its website and claims it is committed to sustainability. 

If it wishes to prove these claims are more than just hot air and shed its status as a hypocrite then it should dish out the extra money for the eco option and bury the cables in Benahavis.

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