If like me you like history and the cinema, and you love Spain, you might like to try this little quiz.

To check if your answers are correct, you can mail me at bobyareham@gmail.com and receive a free copy of the text of Movies Made in Spain; all 670 pages!

1Where did Steven Spielberg build a World War II prisoner of war camp?

2 In which film with Lauren Bacall does the province of Granada represent India?

3 In which Yul Brynner film does Zaragoza represent Egypt?

4 In which town does Cary Grant find the Spanish guerrilla headquarters in Pride and Passion?

5 In which Spanish cathedral were there two coronations in a Ridley Scott film?

6 In which town did Errol Flynn get married in King’s Rhapsody?

Pending 010

7 Which Spanish city was Berlin in The Battle of Britain?

8 Where was Richard Harris’s Camelot?

9 Which Spanish royal palace appears in both Patton and The Battle of the Bulge?

10 Which Spanish castle appears in the cartoon version of Lord of the Rings?

11 Which town, destroyed in the Spanish Civil War, was used in a Terry Gilliam film?

12 In which castle did Al Pacino invite Adam Sandler to supper?

13 In which Spanish city does Johnny Depp meet twin bookshop owners in a film?

14 Which Spanish town was Nottingham in the film Robin and Marian with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn?

15 Which leisure park appears at the beginning of The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

16 Which Spanish castle can be seen behind Orlando Bloom’s French home in a film about the Crusades?

17 Which Spanish monument appears in a Star Wars film?

18 Which dam appears at the beginning and end of Doctor Zhivago?

19 In Which Spanish province does Nicole Kidman meet The Others?

20 Which Spanish museum appears in a James Bond film?

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