THE town council of Estepona have revealed plans to rejuvenate and area of their coastline with modern cultural and commercial spaces and a 15-storey ‘faro’.

The vision of Malaga based architect Salvador Moreno Peralta, the strip of land adjacent to the Avenida de Espana will be transformed into a cultural hub alongside parks and green recreation areas.

The piecederesistance of the project will be a stunning 15-story tower that will sit overlooking the Mediterranean, with glass frontages and balconies on every floor.

“Its main function is to serve as a viewpoint thanks to its privileged location, but will function as a representation of the modern face of Estepona.” said Peralta.

It is expected that the tower will house a mix of commercial and public spaces, with one of the most striking additions being a five floor library and reading rooms.

Above that there will be a small music auditorium, rehearsal rooms, public exhibits, study areas and classrooms that that will be rented out for training sessions and conferences.

On the upper floors will be storage areas and technical areas designated to the running of the building, whilst the top two levels will be a snack bar and a viewing gallery, with special lighting and seating areas.

The proposal also extends 2.6 kilometres down the promenade, with plans to renovate all the pedestrian areas with new commercial units and green spaces creating “one of the longest promenades on the Costa del Sol”.

It is estimated that the project will cost in the region of €14.5 million.

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