A GIANT snake has been spotted swimming along the seashore in La Regla beach in Chipiona.

Beachgoers at a popular Cadiz beach got a serious fright after a sinister creature was spotted lurking in the water.

The extremely long snake was recorded by bathers last week, May 19, when they observed the reptile.

Footage shows the snake, which is more than a metre long, slithering through the sea and waves with great agility much to the surprise of the locals.

As the snake moved away with its characteristic oscillating movements on the surface of the water, people can be heard commenting on the snake’s large size.

After the initial moments of alarm, the controversy centred on the type of animal in the video, with some witnesses speculating whether it was a sea snake, a conger eel or even an eel.

The reptile was finally captured and taken to a safe area in a nearby pine forest.

Snakes are frequently sighted in the coastal areas of Chipiona which is located in a strategic point on the Atlantic Coast, a few kilometres away from Doñana National Park and the mouth of the Guadalquivir River.

These dunes in the area work as a ‘sand pantry’ and ensure sand for the beaches, an area where reptiles such as: snakes, lizards, ocellated lizards, skinks, and the common chameleon, also find a perfect habitat for survival.


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