MIJAS beach will join other Costa del Sol resorts in using drone lifeguards this summer to patrol beaches and aid troubled bathers.

The start of the high season sees the Mijas lifeguard service kick-off with 86 trained lifesavers and the novelty incorporation of lifeguard drones, as announced by Mijas councillor Jose Carlos Martin.

According to Martin the drones will be able to carry up to two life vests to swimmers spotted struggling in the water and can reach drowning swimmers three times faster than traditional lifeguarding methods.

In addition to the improvements in lifeguarding services in the area, the Mijas coastline will be divided into 53 zones where 86 lifeguards will rotate shifts between 11am to 8pm.

Other first aid services include three water scooters located in El Charcon, La Cala and Playa la Luna as well as an ambulance service with a nurse and two technicians.

“Our lifeguard service is perfectly equipped and has excellent professionals,” Marin said, adding: “Bathers on Mija’s beaches will have an added feeling of security this summer.”

Situated in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Mijas is renowned for the quality of its beaches, in fact this year its coastline will boast three blue flags, on the beaches of La Cala – El Torreon, El Bombo and Calahonda I-Royal Beach-La Luna and nine ‘Q’ for Quality flags or the ISO 14001 flag, which also recognise the correct environmental management of its beaches.

Furthermore, the municipality is the only one in the province that has a ‘Blue Trail’ distinction for the coastal path and a ‘Blue Centre’ distinction, for the ‘Torreon’ interpretation centre in La Cala.


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