Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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WATCH: Dramatic footage of drones saving three drowning women on Spain’s Costa Blanca

DRAMATIC footage of drones saving women from drowning on Costa Blanca beaches has been released. Both flying robots were launched from the shore, with life-jackets...

Lifeguard drones to patrol beaches in Spain’s Mijas

MIJAS beach will join other Costa del Sol resorts in using drone lifeguards this summer to patrol beaches and aid troubled bathers. The start of...

Europe’s first drone delivery service to be launched in Spain’s capital Madrid

THE Villaverde district in Madrid is poised to become the first place in Europe to try out a home delivery service using drones. Madrid’s City...

Spain’s Andalucia to invest €100,000 in drones to halt spread of West Nile virus

The funds will go towards developing a ‘novel spraying through drones’ to fumigate ‘specific areas of marshes and rice fields’ where the mosquito larvae are located

Three British ‘marijuana traffickers’ who used drone and rental cars arrested in Spain’s Marbella

A TRIO of British ‘marijuana traffickers’ who used a drone and rental cars have been arrested in Marbella. The three English men aged between 26...

TRAVEL CHAOS: London Gatwick IT meltdown sees 12 flights cancelled as Spain passenger ‘trapped’ beyond gate

A spokesperson blamed the new cancellations on planes being in the wrong place following Wednesday’s disruption

DRONE THAT STOLE XMAS: Close to 1,000 flights cancelled and over 130,000 travellers stranded as London Gatwick bosses warn...

Police cannot reopen the runway until they catch the person behind the cowardly crime

British mum desperately trying to reach Spain for expat dad’s funeral after flight cancelled in London Gatwick drone chaos

A BRITISH mum is 'running out of options' in trying to reach Spain for her father's funeral.  Audrey Garland, 48, is desperately trying to find...

Costa del Sol expat drone company can give any business the fairytale filter it deserves

IF you want to sell or rent a home, you need to tell a story. That’s the advice of British expat Peter Walkley, whose high-tech...

DRONE COPS: Costa del Sol town gets green light for Spain’s first flying police unit

MARBELLA will boast Spain's first 'flying police unit' from next month.  It comes after the AENA, the State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA) and the...

Spanish royals employ fleet of eagles to take out palace drones

King Felipe VI and his family got the idea from the Dutch police

Ronda chosen as filming location for Swiss car firm’s new creation

The historic town has been used previously as a location in Playstation game Gran Turismo

Santa baby… hurry down my chimney before the drones get you

So Santa’s job is safe for another year and the jingle of sleigh bells won’t be drowned out by the whir of rotor blades this festive season

Sewer drones trialled in Barcelona

One of the smelliest jobs in the world could soon be made obsolete

Mystery drones disrupt royal slumber in Madrid

Royal guards forced to take action as drones try to sneak a peek at King Felipe’s palace





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