THE Junta has announced it will spend €100,000 on drones to combat the spread of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus.

The funds will go towards developing a ‘novel spraying through drones’ to fumigate ‘specific areas of marshes and rice fields’ where the mosquito larvae are located.


Details of the innovative project were announced by Junta spokesman Elias Bendodo during a press conference where he said that it was imperative to ‘end now’ the outbreak detected in the province of Sevilla and ‘prevent and tackle’ the root of the problem for the future.

The municipalities located in the marshes of the lower Guadalquivir and adjacent groups of municipalities have been declared ‘Special Action Zones.’

These areas will be involved in the implementation of additional measures to help combat the virus.

The measures will be developed by the local authorities in conjunction with the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Health, and will be implemented as of next year and maintained annually.

The number of people affected in Sevilla by the mosquito-borne West Nile virus currently stands at 49, of which 15 are hospitalised and four of them in the ICU.

The virus has so far claimed the lives of three people.

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