ANTEQUERA’S yearly fair is taking a greener approach by replacing its regular fireworks display with an eco-friendly drone show.

Starting on August 23 and running until August 27, the fair will feature an alternative to the traditional fireworks – a drone show that will offer a visually captivating experience while minimising noise and environmental harm.

The decision to swap fireworks for drones was unveiled during a press conference yesterday, Wednesday August 9, presided over by Mayor Manolo Baron and the deputy mayor, delegate of culture, fairs, traditions and youth, Elena Melero.

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The duo presented the comprehensive program of events for the Royal August Fair of 2023, coinciding with the momentous 275th anniversary of the event.

This year also commemorates the 175th anniversary of Antequera’s historic Bullring.

However, the most remarkable innovation of this year’s fair will take place during the finale when a mesmerizing drone show, showcasing a choreographed dance of 120 drones will light the night sky.

This move is aimed at fostering a more inclusive environment, ensuring that everyone, including those who may have sensory sensitivities or other concerns related to fireworks, can fully participate and enjoy the festivities.

The drone display promises to be a breathtaking display of technology and creativity, reflecting the spirit of a town that embraces progress while honouring its storied past.


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