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Palaeolithic cave paintings discovered in Spain’s Antequera

NEW cave painting, that could be between 60,000 and 30,000 years old, has been discovered in Antequera. The figurative representation has been located on the...

Instant karma: Andalucia is home to more than Flamenco and sangria – it is also the perfect place to...

MORE energy, greater flexibility, a clearer mind and a toned body - there are so many reasons so many of us are switching to...

Cat colony problem causes conflict between residents in Spain’s Antequera

A COLONY of about 40 cats in Callejon Piscina in Antequera is causing conflict in the area. There is a sector of the population that...

Locals offered sneak peek inside new Dolmens Museum in Antequera in Spain’s Andalucia

THE new Dolmens Museum in Antequera will offer a series of museum open days starting this coming Monday, September 27. After an investment of €4.5...

Hiker plunges to death after falling from Spanish mountain while out walking with wife in Malaga

A SPANISH man plunged to his death during a family hike on a mountain in Malaga.  The hiker, from Sevilla, was walking the El Torcal...

Malaga’s Antequera Health District back to level 1 alert —the lowest health alert level in Spain

THE Antequera health district has been given the green light to return to Alert Level 1, along with the rest of Malaga province. Following a...

EXPLORING ANDALUCIA: Forget the Caminito del Rey… how about El Chorro’s challenging Two Peaks and a Paddle trail

Forget the Caminito; that's kids stuff. Jon Clarke climbed two of Malaga’s tallest mountains and rowed across its lake district all in one back-breaking breathtaking day

Spain’s Antequera Hospital to test Pfizer vaccine on children and pregnant women

ANTEQUERA hospital has been selected to test Pfizer in children and pregnant women. The Antequera Hospital is one of the five centres selected at national...

The Dolmens Museum in Spain’s Antequera will open to the public this year

THE restoration work on Antequera’s Dolmens Museum has been completed. After an investment of €4.5 million and 33 months of work, the centre in Antequera...

Two human skulls unearthed in ‘Stonehenge’ type dolmen discovered in Spain’s Malaga

In just one week human remains and a new, never before identified ancient structure have been discovered

New ‘Stonehenge’ type dolmen discovered in Spain’s Malaga

It is believed that this monument would have been part of a sacred space for the Neolithic communities in the area before the Menga Dolmen was built

Two clients kidnapped and beaten in Andalucian brothel for not paying their bills

A BROTHEL in the Andalucian town of Antequera is under investigation after three members of its staff were arrested for torturing two clients. According to...

COVID-19: Tributes flood in as first Guardia Civil officer dies in Malaga

It was as the procession rolled through Antequera that the news came through that after 48 hours in a critical condition, the officer had passed

IS IT YOURS?: Police in Spain’s Andalucia search for owner of €400 found in hotel

So far no one has come forward for the cash and police are still searching for the unlucky owner

SHELL SHOCKED: Unexploded BOMB found on property in Spain’s Malaga

AN unexploded bomb has been found at a finca in Andalucia.  Policia Nacional were called to the farm house in Antequera on Wednesday after the...

BIG FREEZE: 30 provinces across Spain on alert for cold temperatures as polar ice blast will see mercury drop...

Cadiz, Cordoba, Jaen and Granada are all on yellow alert for plummeting temperatures

NETFLIX film at 8 Costa del Sol locations for new series Toy Boy about stripper framed for murder

Toy Boy is a story of passion, mystery and murder, where a handsome young man must prove his innocence

WATCH: First SNOW of the year in Spain’s Malaga as temperature drop continues THIS is the moment snow fell on Malaga today for the first time this year. The footage is believed to have been recorded in Antequera...

Spain cold front ‘will worsen’ in Malaga province with lows of -2C and chances of snow

THE cold front taking grip in Malaga province will continue throughout this week, with chances of snowfall in inland areas and even in the...

Spain soldier claims she was raped by comrades in Malaga barracks

A SOLDIER stationed in Malaga has claimed she was raped by her fellow soldiers in her barracks.  Policia Nacional have confirmed an investigation has been...

Malaga weather warnings upgraded to orange as storm and rains intensify

Between 7am and 12pm, many areas will see 30 litres of rain per square meter

Yellow weather alerts issued for Ronda and Antequera

A YELLOW weather alert has been issued for Ronda and Antequera. The alerts, issued by weather agency AEMET, are in place from midnight tonight until...

HEAT WARNING: Temperatures to reach into the 40s from Malaga to Sevilla

THIRTY-two provinces across twelve autonomous regions are on alert today for high temperatures. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) reports that temperatures will reach between 39C...

1% of small village arrested for illegal construction schemes in Antequera

Prosecutors are looking into how permission was given for the illegal schemes

Antequera dolmenes to be showcased on TV during La Vuelta cycling race

Organisers of the world famous cycling race already have a plan on how to best showcase to the world the megalithic dolmens of Antequera, which will sit on the finish line of stage 12





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