A GANG of heavily-armed youths in hoodies were foiled in their plot to carry out a home invasion on a property that they believed was holding large amounts of cash.

The four, one of whom is a minor, were caught red-handed as they tried to scale a wall down a dead-end street that led into the building.

Police had been alerted to a suspicious band of figures prowling the picturesque streets of Antequera, 35km inland from Malaga, just before midnight last Friday, November 11.

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The gang were caught with taser and a 20cm knife

The intervention of the national police proved timely, as the suspects were found with gloves, a taser and a 20cm knife with which they were planning to target the homeowner.

Two police patrols had been put out to search for the suspects after a call was put in to the emergency services and they tracked them down at the last possible moment to avert what could have turned out to be a very nasty crime.

The youths, the oldest of whom was 23, had suspected that their intended victim was holding large amounts of money in cash after the sale of tracts of land, according to local police.

They were arrested for attempted burglary with forced entry and have been sent before a judge.

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