MENACE: Drones are delaying hundreds of thousands of passengers

THE ongoing drone drama which has seen London Gatwick Airport closed for more than 24 hours could last until Christmas Eve, sources have revealed. 

The UK military and police are still hunting down the lone wolf disruptor who has been playing cat-and-mouse with authorities all day by repeatedly flying drones over the runway. 

More than 750 flights have been cancelled with hundreds of people’s Christmas plans ruined. 

One British woman may now miss her father’s funeral in Spain while another traveller will miss their grandfather’s 80th birthday.

But police cannot reopen the runway until they catch the person behind the cowardly crime due to fears a drone could bring down a jet packed with travellers. 

Authorities say they must be 100% certain there are no more flying devices that could put passengers at risk.

Gatwick Airport

The person behind the act has managed to remain undetected despite helicopters, snipers, police and the military being brought into the search. 

It has been the biggest disruption to the airport since the 2010 volcanic ash cloud – but it could get worse. 

Tomorrow, some 448 flights are facing disruption, leaving a further 135,000 people stranded – while those close to the investigation told the Sun the chaos could last until December 24.

Superintendent Justin Burtenshaw, Gatwick policing commander said: “Each time we believe we get close to the operator, the drone disappears; when we look to reopen the airfield, the drone reappears.

“I’m absolutely convinced it’s a deliberate act to disrupt Gatwick Airport.”

Meanwhile a source told the Telegraph an environmental ‘terrorist’ could be behind the mess. 

They told the paper: “An eco-protest is at this stage a definite line of enquiry.”

All travellers are being advised to stay home as it is not known when Gatwick will reopen. 

More to follow…

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