THE ongoing drone drama at London Gatwick has forced easyJet to cancel all of its flights to and from the airport today. 

In a statement, the budget airline said it expects the delays and disruption to run into tomorrow.

It comes as the UK military has joined police efforts in bringing down the flying menaces which have have affected more than 10,000 travellers today.

Drones were first spotted flying over the airfield late last night.

The runway was shut immediately but was reopened at 3.01am British time before closing again when another drone was spotted.

Since then the drone or drones have been taunting authorities, seeming to disappear before reappearing just before they reopen the runway.

British expats flying home for Christmas have now had to rebook or fork out potentially hundreds for another flight after airport bosses in London closed down Gatwick’s runway.

British prime minister Theresa May’s spokesman has called the debacle ‘irresponsible and completely unacceptable’.

He added: “These drones have been flown illegally and the law couldn’t be clearer that those found endangering aircraft could face up to five years in jail.

“We are in close contact with Gatwick Airport as they work with police to safely resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”

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