THE Olive Press has helped reader Aditya Jain win a battle against Airbnb after he was left with an €800 bill to clean up the damage caused by a young Russian woman throwing a party.

Aditya, a 35 year-old man, from India, was shocked to find dented walls, sticky, alcohol stained floors, and a broken fridge, following the two-night rental of his three-bed apartment in Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club (Benahavis). 

Airbnb Welcome Sign
A welcome sign was left on the door with a €10 note taped to it. (Credit: Aditya Jain)

Security camera footage showed around 15 people arriving at the flat instead of the three he had expected.

The woman admitted having a party and offered to pay or send someone to fix everything.

Untrusting, Aditya arranged the work to be done himself: the entire place was painted, floors were polished, carpets were cleaned and the damage repaired.

But on sharing the €800 bill with the Russian, she refused to pay, offering just €200.

Airbnb Repaint
Aditya had to have all the walls repainted as they were marked and chipped in places. (Credit: Aditya Jain)

“I couldn’t believe it. I had previously offered to take the €400 security deposit from Airbnb – a fair option I thought. But she said no. So I was forced to take this issue to Airbnb,” added Aditya.

Airbnb Cctv Footage
CCTV footage shows over 15 people arriving to the property. (Credit: Aditya Jain)

The Airbnb owner said the holiday rental company was ‘slow to respond’ at first, telling him his invoices ‘weren’t valid’. 

On further probing from the Olive Press for a comment, Airbnb agreed to pay back two out of three of the invoices, totalling €703.64. 

Airbnb Photo1
The luxury Airbnb is now back in business. (Credit: Aditya Jain)

“I think a big reason they paid is because of you and I thank you for your support,” Aditya told the Olive Press. 

“I just don’t want anyone else to fall into the same situation I did, with untrustworthy guests and a large bill,” said Aditya.


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