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ASTROLOGY: What do the stars have in store for you in July?

Starry Sky

With Saturn, bringer of restrictions and life-lessons and Pluto, the roller-coaster planet both retrograde this month, you should feel some welcome relief from the intense challenges of this past year.  Also Jupiter, planet of luck and opportunities, will be newly positioned to ease things still further.


Yes, you are a fire sign, but this July you will be more dynamic and charismatic than ever.  You’re not turning down any invitations and will be especially good at planning and hosting your own party, with something to entertain all age groups.


You might be torn between staying home and going out.  Certainly you’ll feel like nesting, but you will also be keen for the stimulation of chatting and connecting with others, especially your mum.  So why not invite them round for a meal, 


Money is on your mind.  You’re naturally good at selling yourself, so this might be the month when you win the deal of your dreams.  Certainly you will be talking a good game and coming up with money-making ideas. Just don’t gamble.


When you feel vulnerable you hide within your shell, but this month you will be shining your light out fully into the world, and reaping the rewards of letting others truly see YOU and your amazing hidden talents.  You are shining brightly.


Leo’s natural place is in the spotlight, so this July you will enjoy putting yourself out there, the star of your own show.  Your imagination is fired up too, so you can visualise then perform whichever role you choose, with considerable charisma.


You are known for your down to earth practicality and strong work ethic.  But this July you can step out of that mould by joining a yoga or meditation class, giving yourself a much needed chance to truly relax and rejuvenate.


Friends and family may compete for your attention.  You feel duty-bound about family traditions but your social scene is equally compelling.  It will take some juggling and a dose of your Libra charm to please all of the people all of the time.


Having to travel for work reasons is not quite what you had in mind for this month, but at least you can enjoy a change of scene.  As education is highlighted for you this July why not sign up to a course of study or start to teach?


Sagittarians are naturally drawn to sport, so you will thoroughly enjoy immersing yourself this July, as a player or as a spectator.  Competitions that involve other countries and cultures will particularly gain your following now. 


You’ll feel the need to keep your team-mate in the dark.  This could mean you’ll enjoy a secret liaison or plan a romantic surprise for your sweetheart.  Or you might equally feel drawn to investigate your business partner on the quiet.


Remember nobody is perfect but this July you may expect a partner, whether in business or romance, to be flawless.  The trouble is your current meticulous mindset makes you critically magnify any minor flaw or imperfection.


Children and work don’t usually mix, but not so this July.  You will be surprisingly efficient and organised at planning and creating a wonderful party and can inspire the children to help you with making decorations and invitations.

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