ENGLISH football fans in Magaluf, celebrating the 2-1 semi-final victory over Denmark, were pepper-sprayed by local police in efforts to control the festivities, on July 7. 

Videos have been posted to social media of police with truncheons and pepper spray cans attempting to impose some order on the Punta Ballena strip. English tourists were seen covering their mouths and eyes with T-shirts to minimise their exposure to the chemicals.

The Guardia Civil were also present, seen shepherding topless drunk fans onto the pavements, who were singing ‘It’s coming home!’.

No one has been reported injured nor arrested after the party in the streets.

The tough action of the police came as part of a joint €30,000 campaign run by the British Consulate and local authorities to control anti-social behaviour and tourism in excess. 

On July 7 the British Consul General Lloyd Millen met with the Spanish Tourism Minister lago Neguerula. They discussed the issue of ‘tourism in excess’ and Millen promoted the Foreign Office’s ‘Stick With Your Mates’ campaign which aims to keep young tourists safe from harm and COVID while abroad. 

The Foreign Office advises tourists to be responsible and respectful while abroad, to avoid potentially dangerous situations such as the recent pepper spray incident. 

It is also expected that local and national police will be out in greater numbers on Sunday ahead of the Euro 2020 final against Italy.


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