POLICE in Mallorca have busted a criminal gang that stole from dozens of tourists holidaying on the island.

Policia Nacional arrested nine gang members in S’Arenal in the early hours of this morning.

They have each been charged with theft and belonging to a criminal organisation.

Investigators say the group, all originally from Romania and six who travelled to Mallorca from Malaga last month, would pickpocket from unsuspecting tourists in the area.

They are also believed to be responsible for a score of robberies on holidaymakers in the historical quarters of Palma.

So far, multiple mobile phones and more than €5,000 in cash have been recovered from the gang with more arrests expected to be made later today.

It comes as 10 people were been arrested for ripping off 300 tourists with fake accommodation across the country.

According to reports, the group collected €4 million through their fraudulent activities and that a highly experienced hacker led the organisation, setting up fake web pages to hook the prospective holidaymakers.


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