BRIT Jeff Lewis is being told he must retake his driving test in Spain after Trafico claims he never registered in the system prior to the cut-off date.

The 50-year-old, from London, insists he called 060 and registered his intent to change his driving licence on December 11. 

But after hearing nothing from Trafico he sought advice from his Gestoria, who, to his surprise, said they were ‘unable to help people change over their licences after the 18th December’. 

He has since been to his local DGT (Department General de Trafico) multiple times to try and prove he did indeed register, only to be told he ‘isn’t on the system’.

“I drive a 2L motorbike so it’s not a simple exchange for me. To gain a licence for my motorbike I have to do both a car driving test and a motorbike test,” said Lewis.

driving lessons spain
Currently, Lewis faces retaking his driving test and completing two further tests to be able to drive his motorcycle

“And even then I still won’t be able to use it as the licence only allows you to drive a scooter. I would have to wait another two years before I could take a third test just to be able to drive as I have been in Spain for the last 20 years.”

Lewis believes he is one of ‘thousands’ struggling to obtain his Spanish driving licence due to ‘faults in the system’.

British residents of Spain had until December 30 to register with Trafico in order to carry out the simple driving licence exchange before the Brexit deadline. 

For those who had registered before this date and are still awaiting their appointment, they now have until October 31 to exchange their British licence for a Spanish one. Those who fail to do so face having to pass the Spanish driving test which involves a written and practical examination.

However, those who came to live in Spain after January 2021, are legally allowed to drive on a British licence for six months from their arrival before they have to apply for a Spanish licence.

British authorities have said they are hopeful of striking an agreement with Spain to allow drivers to apply for a Spanish licence without the need for a driving test but no deal has yet been announced. 



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