AN Alicante man has pled guilty to claiming over €91,000 of his dead mother’s state pension for 16 years.

He was given a two-year jail term, which he won’t have to serve as it was a first offence.

Prosecutors originally demanded three years behind bars but a plea bargain deal where the man admitted the offence meant a reduced sentence.

The unnamed fraudster had a joint bank account with his mother.

When she died in January 2001, he did not report her passing to the now-defunct CAM Bank.

He simply carried on helping himself to her monthly pay-out of €450 until April 2017.

Social Security recovered nearly €24,000 from the man, who will also have to pay a €1,800 fine.

Sabadell Bank, who took over CAM, will have to pay Social Security almost €68,000 due to having accept civil liability.

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