THE WEATHER this month has been great so far but the heat turned up a notch this weekend with NINE regions introducing weather warnings for high temperatures on Sunday.

Nine regions in Spain, including Madrid and Andalucia, were put on yellow alert for extreme heat yesterday and many have extended the warnings as high temperatures continue to soar across the country.

The colour warning issued by state weather agency AEMET indicates a ‘risk’ due to temperatures approaching 40°C.

Today is to be another scorcher, with the temperatures reaching dizzying heights of 38 degrees in Aragón, Castilla y León, Catalunya, Galicia, Madrid and Valencia. 

And the week could get hotter- as Spain gears up for record-breaking temperatures.

In Andalucia, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) predicts Sevilla and Córdoba could reach temperatures as high as 40 degrees, while Huelva, Jaén and the nearby countryside will be hit with 39-degree heat. 

In Castilla-La Mancha temperatures of 40 degrees are also expected, with the Tagus valley in Toledo set to bake in the heat. In Anchuras, Guadiana Valley, La Mancha, Sierras de Alcudia and Madrona highs of 38 degrees are predicted. 

In Extremadura, it will reach 40 degrees in the valleys of Guadiana, in Badajoz, and in the Tajo and Alagón. Meanwhile, in Cáceres it will reach 39 degrees, according to forecasters. 

Aragon is predicted to register temperatures in the region 34 and 36 degrees, with the centre and the south receiving most of the heat.  

In Castilla y León the temperatures will be between 36 and 38 degrees, with Avila,  Meseta and south of Salamanca and the Meseta de Zamora set to be the hottest spots in the region. 

In Catalunya, where a forest fire has been stabilized in Girona, forecasters predict temperatures will hover around the 35 degree mark in Tarragona, Girona or Lleida. 

In Galicia, temperatures will reach 36 degrees in Miño.

In Madrid, folk will be sweating it out in 38 degrees in the south and west of the region, while the capital city itself is expected to hit somewhere between 34 and 37 degrees. 

Finally, in Valencia, the temperatures will continue to stick around 36 and 38 degrees. 


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