EUROPEAN travellers visiting the UK will no longer be allowed entry by showing an ID card and from October 1 must present a valid passport.

Until now, citizens from across the EU have been able to travel using just their identity card to enter the UK, but from Friday this will no longer be permitted.

Instead travellers from Spain must show their passport instead of the DNI card when they reach UK border control.

British citizens have always been required to show a passport as the UK has no national identity card but as a result of Brexit, travellers from the UK who are not resident in Spain have had their passport stamped on entry to Spain.

Travellers are also reminded that their passport needs to have a validity of at least six months beyond their date of return.

COVID-19 restrictions change from October 4 when fully vaccinated travellers returning from Spain and other amber list country will not have to undergo a compulsory Day 2 PCR test but can replace it with a cheaper lateral flow test.



  1. Even I as a British citizen have to show my Passport on entry into UK and always have done , what suprises me is the fact that foriegn citizens were gaining entry with an ID card in the first place . Stop trying to drum up anti Brit feelings ….!!!!!

    Location : UK
  2. It’s not anti-Brit to highlight another example of Brexit absurdities. Of course Brits were required to show passports, they never had I.D. cards to show, unlike the rest of the very sensible E.U. If it was so easy to enter Britain with a fake I.D. card, how come thousands of poor souls risk everything in rubber dinghies to get there?
    It really does irritate brexiters to witness yet more evidence of xenophobia due to the car-crash of brexit.

    Location : malaga

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