SPAIN’S Guardia Civil have launched a new campaign warning pet owners about the danger of leaving their dogs tied up outside in the street.

Many supermarkets encourage the practice by leaving a hook marked ‘dog parking’ at the door, some evening providing a bowl of water.

But officers warn that it is a practice that should be avoided.

They report that some dogs suffer anxiety at being left by their owners and there have been cases when the animals strangle themselves after struggling on the leash.

In a campaign on Twitter, the Guardia Civil also warn that dog theft is on the rise and leaving animals unaccompanied outside could leave the vulnerable to thieves who steal the animals for use in illegal dog fights.

There is also the risk that the dog could slip its collar and get lost, which also raises the risk of it being hit by a car.

Lastly, the force warns that dogs shouldn’t be left ‘parked’ outside for long periods in case they either overheat in summer or feel the cold in winter.


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