THE Guardia Civil is investigating the circumstances behind a deceased baby found buried in a field in Aguilas, Murcia.

Medical examiners believe it was not a spontaneous birth.

The law states that abortion is illegal after 22 weeks of gestation.

The mother, 18, was discovered at Lorca’s Rafael Mendez Hospital where she is receiving medical and psychological care.

She confessed to Guardia officers that she buried her baby son with the birth taking place just a few hours before.

The body was discovered on February 18 by a couple walking in an area known as Aunt Petra’s cave in the coastal municipality.

The baby was buried underneath a mound covered by soil and rocks.

The child was wrapped in its placenta and had been placed in a tupperware container.

The woman will have to testify before a Lorca judge on a date yet to be determined.

She faces a prison sentence of between six months and two years if convicted of consenting to an illegal abortion.


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